Here’s where I start kicking myself.

Last year (or possibly longer) I endeavored to write a sequel to Madame Bluestocking’s Penny Horrid. I’ve been working steadily on it since, but I’ve come to a startling discovery: I need to back it up again.

Now I’m starting work on the REAL Book 2 and the current Book 2 will later become Book 3. 

This seems to be a big dumb thing with me, where as I start to write a book there seems to be a smaller less fleshed out book hiding in the first chapter. This is exactly what happened to the Linus Saga which has been delayed while Book 3 became Book 4 and Book 3 had to be written again. 

Okay, so bottom line is that there is new stuff involved. And it will be totally awesome. It’s just going to be a bit longer than I wanted. And the bright side is that the NEXT next book will be done that much sooner.

Thanks for your patience. :3





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