Satus Quo: LIVING


Okay, so I’m sure all three of the people who read this blog may have noticed that I’ve neglected to post Character spotlight, or indeed anything else, on my blog for two weeks. There’s been a lot of drama going on in the last 18 or so days and it’s nothing tragic, nothing painful, and some of it was actually beyond anyone’s control.

Simply put, life is getting in the way.

I’m getting more work assignments, I’m getting more involved as a parent, I’m getting healthier and getting more exercise, and I’ve spent more time on the phone than a bank call center. Overall these are all good things (except for the phone calls. I HATE PHONE CALLS). But it also means that something has to suffer right now.

That something is the blog right now.

And it won’t always be this way. It’s me not you.

I’ll write a big post about the drama with comcast, the joys of scouting, and maybe some short stories even, but in the meantime I beg you to be patient with me while I deal with my schedule some more.

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