Carpe Scream Day 9



Today I’m watching a Clive Barker classic,

Hellraiser, 1987, New World Pictures

I actually did some research on this, and I laughed so hard when I found out that one of crew lovingly subtitled this movie, “What a woman would do for a good f***.” It’s not surprising that this particular cast member was a sweet little old lady. And she wasn’t wrong, because that more or less sums up the plot.

Clive Barker’s bloody, gooey, gross, gruesome, masterpiece, is both funny, and creepy and as “out there” as it gets, with a creepy-ass soundtrack and fantastic makeup designs. Another fun fact: All 4 of the Cenobites were supposed to be equals with no leader among them but 2 of the Cenobites, “Butterball” and “Chattering” had so many prosthetics that they couldn’t say their lines. Their extra lines were given to “Pinhead” which made him the unofficial “leader” of the Cenobites.

I think I threw away my retainer! Can you guys help me look for it?

NOT for the faint of heart, but great if you’re in a bloodthirsty mood and want to see some really creative makeup jobs.

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