Carpe Scream Day 17



Today’s fare is a cheesy little fun flick called Zombie Nightmare.

Zombie Nightmare, 1986 New World Pictures

And there’s only really 2 reasons to watch this movie.


2. West


The makeup is terrible, the characters and plot are really kind of weak and cliched, the main protagonist is just… really hard to look at. It’s baffling.

I don’t get it, so your nipples are too warm, but your neck is cold? Why is this shirt the way it is?

But for all that, this is a really a hilariously so-bad-it’s-good that’s a joy to watch and heckle. Watch with beer and buds with a case of the late-night sillies. Bonus: it has an AWESOME soundtrack of made of metal all-stars from the mid-80s.

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