Carpe Scream Day 18



Today I watch a brilliant horror movie from the 80’s, Warlock

Warlock, 1989 New World Pictures

First of all, this movie wins all the kudos for how much research went into this. Everything from the thumb pillories to the use of salt, the hex symbols of the barns, holy churchyard. All of these little touches made my nerd heart squeal with delight. I could go on, but that’d just spoil the magic. It’s freaking magic.

Oh and Julian Sands.

Y’all ready fer some Footbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall?

He pretty much steals the show from Richard E. Grant and the rest of the supporting cast. BEST horrific wizard villian ever. This guy was Luscious Malfoy before there WAS a Luscious Malfoy.

“That’s LUCIUS!”

So, yeah. If you’re craving Harry Potter fantasy with more tongues being bitten out and no Harry set in 1986 USA, this is the gore-flick for you.

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