Here’s a message from Linus saying “GO VOTE.”
A lot of primaries are opening tomorrow and your vote counts!
Some tips to help you:
*Check to see if you are registered
*Your registration information will tell you where your voting station will be. Be sure to check all requirements.
*Bring a photo ID and your registration card with you when you show up.
*Leave all of your support buttons and tee-shirts at home! This will help you avoid becoming a target of unscrupulous people.
*Be neat and nicely dressed when you arrive (Never make anyone be suspicious of your status or affiliations)
*Be polite to everyone. The officials are volunteers donating their own time.
*Do your research! Be sure to check for other positions/decisions that will be voted on in your area!
*TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Maybe even offer to drive them to their station or watch their kids/dog for 5 minutes to help them out!

Have a safe and wonderful day! Exercise your right to make your decision heard!

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