Okay, so the problem with working on TOP SECRET non-disclosure stuff is that YOU DON’T GET TO BLOG ABOUT IT!

So here’s some updates from me.

Just finished TWO big no-talky projects, one TBA, the other was that I was asked to do badges for KatsuCon! This guy got to be on a shirt!

So that was cool.


I’ve been working on consolidation the next collection of CRIT! Comics our “Second Edition will feature issues 4&5 in a mega-sized volume! Here’s the cover in progress.

critvol2 cover

I love that Miles is doing a Van Halen jump of the cliff. Reminder: This volume will feature the musical guests Eien Strife!

In other news, I’ve finally finished re-editing Must Love Dragons, and it’s off to the proofreader. BOY does it need proofreading. We hope to have it republished as a Tangent Artists book, which means it will fit a leeeeeeetle closer in with the CRIT! Universe, but still be on it’s own “trousers of time” timeline that doesn’t really interact. Here’s the working cover.


So, as you can see I have NOT been slacking off, I’ve just been very busy with a lot of hush-hush. There’s more but I can’t even really tell you.

Which brings me to my ironic next announcement,

Next week my kids start summer break. That means I’m taking NO NEW COMMISSIONS UNTIL AUGUST. If you desperately need something from me, PM me on my facebook author page  ASAP and we’ll try to work something out!
(If you already have a standing contract with me, this does not apply.)

That being the case, I might be able to post more about intermediate stuff on my blog.

Stay in touch, lovies. Peace out.


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