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And Now for A Bit of Fun


A twist on a less-popular Grimm Fairytale

Once upon a time a lad, Hans, could not decide which of three women he wanted to marry.

His mother told him, “Invite each girl to dinner and observe what she does.”

Hans invited the first girl to dinner. His mother gave her a piece of cheese. The young lady cut off the rind in a thick slice and ate the cheese.

When she left, Hans’ mother said,”She did not take care when slicing the rind off. She is a wasteful girl and will ruin you. Do not marry her.”

The second girl was invited to dinner and again was given cheese. This one ate the whole thing rind and all.

Hans’ mother said, “This girl is a glutton and not fine enough for you. Do not marry her.”

The third girl was invited over and when she was given the cheese, she very carefully took her time and shaved the rind off, being careful save as much good cheese as possible.

After dinner, Hans’ mother told him,”The girl is cautious and frugal. She will make you a good wife.”

At this point, Hans realized his mother was a nutjob with impossibly high standards and the “good” girl was OCD. He went with the glutton who was obviously “low maintenance” and had a sweet ass.

The glutton said, “Who the hell were those other two bitches?”