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Inktober Day 5


And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t ask your friends to “challenge you.” I put out a general shout-out on Facebook for drawings of my original characters in various states and my friend Danny Valentini asked if I could do a picture of his Donuts For Looking analogue, Barney Valentine…NAKED. And so this happened.


Italian Nude with Cherry Blossoms, by Monica Marier

Now, I’m only guessing at most of the details here, but being Italian myself I think I’m on the right track. He reminds me of “Bellini” from Kids in the Hall.

I leave you with these parting words, “Curse you, Danny. CURSE YOU.”

Inktober Day 3



Here’s Day 3 of Inktober. I drew Linus from CRIT! He’s actually tossing a D8 over his shoulder, that part’s not put in yet, since my mathematical perspective is strictly non-euclidean. Media is Pen and Ink. This is going to be on a big CRIT! banner at some point. I like how I managed to get more scar tissue on his skin.


Linus Weedwhacker, by Monica Marier