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A Spoon Full of Sugar…


So a friend of mine, Kara, pointed out a need ap/website to me the other day, so I’m going to try giving it a whirl.

It’s called: Habit RPG

It’s a free ap that you can use from your desktop or on your Droid or iPhone. It’s a time-organizer/to-do list that tries to instill the fun of an RPG game into mundane drudgery. The concept being that you create your own list of daily chores (doing a load of laundry, working on writing), good habits (Exercising, wearing a bra), bad habits (eating junk food, smoking), and terrible tasks (Clean out the fridge, clean the bedroom). By doing good tasks and finishing chores, you earn points and XP and help your party. By dong BAD tasks or failing to perform tasks, your party will take damage and fail their mission. (Example below taken from Habit RPG bf site).

Now we all know I’m a fantasy nut and I’ve also been on a decade+ long struggle to try and get healthy, so this might actually help me in being more productive and getting more of my assignments done in a timely fashion. 

Set-up was less than 20 minutes and so far it’s been kind of fun! Now I just need to get a party and I can go fight stuff. 

So we’ll see how this goes. I’m SmokingRanger if you want to connect! And may the chores be with you!