I’m going to be at the Tangent Artists table in the vendor’s hall at Intervention this weekend, a brilliant Internet-themed convention that I’ve done for 4 years in a row. Now, I never make it out of the vendor’s hall for most of the con, but I always have a blast with all of the other artists in the vendor’s hall.

Every year it’s been like a great big party for artists. No drama, no competition, no overwhelming cacophony, just mutual appreciation and cameraderie. It’s just all-around pleasant and my favorite way to hang with fans, friends and colleagues.

As a con-goer, though, there’s always a HUGE array of guests, like Phil Kahn, Kara Denison, Kelsey Wailes, and the Godfather of webcomics: Pete Abrams! It’s also hosted by one of the coolest ladies in existence, Oni Harstein. There’s a ton of panels, activities and it’s also kid-friendly and a designated SAFE con. You should totally go.

While you’re there, you’ll have ample opportunity to take a look at the new Tangent Artists book: “A Cleric’s Guide to Smiting,” companion our bestselling humour book, “The Handbook for Saucy Bards.”

Hope to see you there!






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