A Geek Girl Complete


I’m reposting this here from my Facebook Page. I promised that I wouldn’t do a lot of Mom stuff on here, but this is more than mom stuff. This is about a girl learning to love who she is. It’s gotten a ton of likes and support and I’m still reeling. You can read the full text below. 

Something amazing happened today. I brought my daughter to Intervention today and she made an LIFE-CHANGING discovery.

Since she started school, this kid had been told that she was weird, and wrong, and an outcast because she was a girl who liked things like skeletons, and steampunk, and Dr. Who, instead of American Girl Dolls and Horses.

Today she saw and met a ton of women and girls who liked all those “geek” things that she liked and that they were proud of it. And sherealized:

She was a part of something. And she was among people who thought that she was wonderful. IT’S SO GREAT that her first great con adventure was in such a safe, warm, friendly convention like Intervention and it was everything I hoped it would be and MORE. She’s already bouncing up and down in anticipation of ReGeneration Who.

THANKS SO MUCH, to Oni Hartstein, James Harknell, Pete Abrams and all the staff and artists that made this a truly fantastic weekend.
You guys put this smile here.

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  1. When I was a kid, I didn't go to conventions, more's the pity, but starting in middle school I had CMST math/science camp, and I looked forward to it all year. It was the first place I truly felt I was among My People, and, notably, the first time anyone ever called me cool. (The first four times, actually. I counted. That’s how significant that was.)

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