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Inktober 23


Today I had to combine business with pleasure. The inks for the comics were SO time-consuming this week, along with preparing for my guest appearance at RVACON. And it was mostly because of the research and time dedicated to THIS panel which I’m posting here.


The Romanies by Monica Marier

This is a shot of the Romany encampment that will be appearing in the upcoming Skeleton Crew page. I looked through dozens of reference photos of real Romany nomads to try and get a very authentic feel to all of these individuals. I can’t wait to see the finished page! Later!

Inktober Day 8


Today’s Inktober was killing 2 birds with one stone. I’ve been meaning to work on concept art for a collaboration project with a group of talented artists. We’re working on doing a custom deck of cards, more information on that as we get it. Anyway, this is my idea for the 6 of Spades: the Romany Fortune Teller.


“The Romany Fortune Teller” by Monica Marier Available for $35

I used to dabble with Cartomancy in high school, but I gave it up a while ago. I do like to keep a deck around for story ideas, however, and SOME day, when I have more time and money, I’d like to make a deck of Tarot Cards.

Have a good’un everyone. See you tomorrow.