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Inktober Day 27


A bit of nostalgia for today. Growing up, one of my favorite movies (and one of my brothers’ favorite movies) was The Goonies. It introduced me to my love of pirates, treasure hunts, and adventures (and Cyndi Lauper). So, with no further elaboration, here are the boys.


Goonies Never Say Die by Monica Marier 2014

I think this came out beyond my expectations. I think it helps that I can recall these guys’ faces almost from memory. I might end up making coloured prints of this. 🙂

Inktober Day 14


Here’s Day 14’s ink. I did a Pugicorn/Pugasus . I just wanted the fun of drawing a pug (one of my FAVORITE dog breeds) running at full tilt. I love how manic their eyes look, I love how their limbs just seem to flap in midair. I love the tongue and the curly tail. This was just plain fun to draw. 🙂 I’ll probably even scan this guy properly and colour him in.


Pugacornasus by Monica Marier, available $30

Right! See you all tomorrow, lovely people!

Inktober Day 13


Submitted for your consideration, one Rod Serling, speculative fiction writer and TV show presenter (okay I’m done). Today I decided to render a loving tribute to the show that first fostered my love of the macabre, the weird and the speculative: The Twilight Zone. My favorite episode is “Masks.” What’s yours?


Submitted for Your Consideration, by Monica Marier Available for $35

I think his face came out a little longer than I wanted but it’s quite possible I was holding the paper at two low and angle, which tends to stretch things out. I also got some good use out of my chisel today and used my favorite “eerie clouds” technique for the background. I developed a taste for it while reading Inu Yasha back in the day. Well that’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed it!

Inktober Day 10


And here is Day 10’s offering. It’s based on a silly story I once came up with, at a convention, I think.
This is the Magic Corgi. He’s a magical dog that flies through the air on a magic flying Cotswald sheep. On the eve of National Knit In Public Day he flies through the skies delivering high-quality yarn to all the knitters who have been good that year.


The Magic Corgi, by Monica Marier. Available for $35

So what would you like the Corgi to bring you next year?
Mine is Cascade yarn and Berroco.

Inktober Day 9


Here’s Day 9 of Inktober. And today’s ink is a character drawing of a vampire I created in college. His name is Jeremy Bates and I’ve written a few short stories about him. He’s actually just made an appearance in Skeleton Crew. He’s a bit of a wet blanket, this guy. He’s all moony, mopey, and morose. He needs funny people around him to roll their eyes at his observations and force him to laugh. He’s also sick all the time and whiter than cream cheese, so technically this is a “colour” picture of Jeremy.
I love this character and I hope to do more with him in the future.


Jeremy Bates®, by Monica Marier. Available for $35

Inktober Day 8


Today’s Inktober was killing 2 birds with one stone. I’ve been meaning to work on concept art for a collaboration project with a group of talented artists. We’re working on doing a custom deck of cards, more information on that as we get it. Anyway, this is my idea for the 6 of Spades: the Romany Fortune Teller.


“The Romany Fortune Teller” by Monica Marier Available for $35

I used to dabble with Cartomancy in high school, but I gave it up a while ago. I do like to keep a deck around for story ideas, however, and SOME day, when I have more time and money, I’d like to make a deck of Tarot Cards.

Have a good’un everyone. See you tomorrow.

Inktober Day 7


Friday (I think) was the Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi. He’s been a favorite saint of mine and I even have a statue of him in my garden. I had the brilliant inspiration to do a pic of St. Francis as a hedgehog, but I knew it would be a very INVOLVED piece, even if I did monochrome. Today the internet went out so I got my chance to draw him in my brown Copics. Here he is.

St. Francis

St. Francis by Monica Marier, available for $60

I’m not going to critique it, since I really happy with it. Animals are still REALLY hard for me, so I consider this a small victory. Feel free to leave your own comments. Have a good one!

Inktober Day 6



#inktober Day 6 today! This is another 5-minute sketch, because I’m really busy today with assignments. I thought it would be neat to make a quick gesture drawing of an old face, while I was watching an episode of Miss Marple. It’s free-hand and not of anybody. I just started with the features and went on from there. My fine liner wanted a day off though, so I’m not really happy with the outcome.


Myra by Monica Marier, available for $20

See you tomorrow for Day 7!

Inktober Day 5


89125e0f409ae0f2-weblogoBusy day today so this is another 10-minute sketch that I drew free-hand. I just had a funny idea in my head this evening about a dragon evolution that’s similar to an archaopteryx. I ended up with a sort of a Quetzalcoatl-chicken-monster-like dealy-bob that’s pretty freaky looking. I had fun doing the feathers, and I must say that I’m getting more comfortable with the fine-lining pens.


Draconis Quetzalcoatlus By Monica Marier, available for purchase, $20

So yeah, I’m happy with it. See you all tomorrow for day 6.