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Carpe Scream Day 24



Today I watch a great gothic anime Movie, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust.

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, 2001 Madhouse Animation

I’ll just start off by saying, Oh My God Madhouse,

Oh My God Madhouse,

Oh My God Madhouse.

This is SO visually gorgeous, I love this. Every second is eyeball candy. The writing’s pretty punchy and very entertaining, voiced perfectly by wonderful voice actors. The only thing is that there’s so much obvious world-building behind this series that I sometimes get a bit lost and have to hit Wikipedia. We also get very little of everyone’s story, so unfortunately the story is not as compelling because we don’t get to ride in any one character’s head. The vampire hunters, come kind of close, but they’re not really the main characters either.

So for a beautiful, scary, gory, creepy, vampire festival from the classiest neighborhood of Hell, I highly recommend Bloodlust. Just don’t ask me a lot of the story, because I still don’t know. (Apparently the books are like this too).

Inktober Day 9


Here’s Day 9 of Inktober. And today’s ink is a character drawing of a vampire I created in college. His name is Jeremy Bates and I’ve written a few short stories about him. He’s actually just made an appearance in Skeleton Crew. He’s a bit of a wet blanket, this guy. He’s all moony, mopey, and morose. He needs funny people around him to roll their eyes at his observations and force him to laugh. He’s also sick all the time and whiter than cream cheese, so technically this is a “colour” picture of Jeremy.
I love this character and I hope to do more with him in the future.


Jeremy Bates®, by Monica Marier. Available for $35