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Inktober 30


This 30-day horror movie challenge is starting to get to me. Guess what I’ve been watching lately? (heh)


Vengeful Ghost by Monica Marier

Tomorrow will be the last day of this Challenge, giving way to NaNoWriMo. And I’ve decided in the vein of inktober, I’m going to try to post my “writing thought of the day,” on the blog. This will be part of the November countdown to the launch of my next book, “No Shoes No Service,” and include tips, observations and a lot of whining, as well as sneak peaks, sketches and teasers for my upcoming book. It’s book 3 in the Linus Saga, so I’ll also be constantly reminding you that the first 2 books, Must Love Dragons, and Runs in Good Condition can be purchased through Hunt Press or on Amazon.


Inktober Twofer Part 2


Yesterday I was out all day until well after midnight for RVACON so I couldn’t post my Inktober project. So I’m posting yesterday’s project with today’s. Both are kind of dark, because the venue was kind of dark, sorry.


John Constantine by Monica Marier

I was inspired by the premiere of “Constantine” on Friday night to draw my version of how John might look. I tried to make him look a bit withered and weathered, like some of the chainsmokers I know. It came out a bit “Helsing” in the end which surprised me. (heh)

Today’s sketch is courtesy of my daughter. She LOVES spooky things and vampires, and zombies, and Halloween, but I think she’s been overdoing it lately as she’s starting to get nightmares, specifically zombie nightmares (boy, is she MY kid or what?). I decided to make her a picture of the friendly zombie from Skeleton Crew, ZOMBOY, to make her feel better. He’s hanging over her bed tonight with her newly adjusted dream catcher. Fingers crossed everyone.


ZOMBOY (for Sophie), by Monica Marier

Inktober 23


Today I had to combine business with pleasure. The inks for the comics were SO time-consuming this week, along with preparing for my guest appearance at RVACON. And it was mostly because of the research and time dedicated to THIS panel which I’m posting here.


The Romanies by Monica Marier

This is a shot of the Romany encampment that will be appearing in the upcoming Skeleton Crew page. I looked through dozens of reference photos of real Romany nomads to try and get a very authentic feel to all of these individuals. I can’t wait to see the finished page! Later!

Inktober twofer


I missed yesterday’s post due to force majeur so today I’m posting a two-fer. These are both character illustrations for the upcoming Skeleton Crew RPG book character creation section for ready-to-plays. The first is a Jacobean scardey-cat called “Headless Hob.” I approached him as sort of a “Canterville Ghost” meets Scooby Doo villain and he came out looking darling. The next is rougher and more visceral. It’s supposed to be an ancient Celtic warrior wight. I was inspired by the traitor ghosts in Return of the King. I think it would read a lot better with a black background or some other finessing. In retrospect this was a hard one to do with just ink. Anyway. More tomorrow. Bye!

10_17 10_18

Inktober Day 14


Here’s Day 14’s ink. I did a Pugicorn/Pugasus . I just wanted the fun of drawing a pug (one of my FAVORITE dog breeds) running at full tilt. I love how manic their eyes look, I love how their limbs just seem to flap in midair. I love the tongue and the curly tail. This was just plain fun to draw. 🙂 I’ll probably even scan this guy properly and colour him in.


Pugacornasus by Monica Marier, available $30

Right! See you all tomorrow, lovely people!

Inktober Day 13


Submitted for your consideration, one Rod Serling, speculative fiction writer and TV show presenter (okay I’m done). Today I decided to render a loving tribute to the show that first fostered my love of the macabre, the weird and the speculative: The Twilight Zone. My favorite episode is “Masks.” What’s yours?


Submitted for Your Consideration, by Monica Marier Available for $35

I think his face came out a little longer than I wanted but it’s quite possible I was holding the paper at two low and angle, which tends to stretch things out. I also got some good use out of my chisel today and used my favorite “eerie clouds” technique for the background. I developed a taste for it while reading Inu Yasha back in the day. Well that’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed it!

Inktober Day 12


…OR how I learned to stop worrying and love the fine liner pen.

Today I wanted to get to know my fine-liner more intimately so I decided to do something with a lot of textures, patterns and delicate shading. I also want to put more than 3 minutes into it like on my last couple of days. So this week is a little fancier:


Dreaming of the Lily Maid, by Monica Marier available $40

I always wanted to do a picture of Anne Shirley. The Anne of Green Gables book series is continually one of my favorites, and every few years or so I have to pull out my entire collection and read them again. For this picture I wanted to concentrate on getting the fine details down pat, like her print dress, her cabled sweater, he braids and her freckles, and all the shading that required. I’m very happy with the results. See you all tomorrow! 🙂