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Inktober Day 9



Here’s my Inktober for Day 9. I put a shoutout for ideas, and my friend Barrie requested to see Linus in a school uniform. I’m sure she meant something along the lines of cramming 52-year-old Linus into a Japanese boys school uniform, but I did her one better. Here is a young Linus (about 19) in the official Uniform of the Rangers Union Pre-One student.

He looks like he’s on the way to archery practice, and doesnt’ care if his hair is combed or his jacket is hooked up. He has three leaves on his shoulder indicating that this is his third year as a student (students take 4 years to complete courses). His jacket also Features the triple-leaf emblem of the Rangers Union on his chest. The drawing needs some tweaking, but I like details that I came up with on the fly that add a little more to Linus’s story.

Hope you like it, Barrie.


Linus Pre-One, by Monica Marier, pen and ink

Inktober Day 3



Here’s Day 3 of Inktober. I drew Linus from CRIT! He’s actually tossing a D8 over his shoulder, that part’s not put in yet, since my mathematical perspective is strictly non-euclidean. Media is Pen and Ink. This is going to be on a big CRIT! banner at some point. I like how I managed to get more scar tissue on his skin.


Linus Weedwhacker, by Monica Marier




Let’s start this Inktober with a bang! Here’s a piece I’ve wanted to do since I reread the Silmarillion. I finally got around to doing, Melkor and Ungoliant destroying the two trees. There’s supposed to be big tree roots in the foreground, but I think I’m going to do those in the computer and not risk damaging the original.

I certainly can’t promise that my other inktober pieces will be this detailed, but I’m glad I got one big splashy piece in. See you all tomorrow for Day 2 of Inktober and Carpe Scream.


Melkor and Ungoliant Destroy the Trees, by Monica Marier, pen and alcohol marker on paper. For Sale: $90

Get ready….


Okay, here we go again! Leaves are fluttering in the air, a cold damp wind is shaking the windows, and I’m coughing up green junk, it must be time for…


Yesiree, Bob. There will be 31 days of 31 drawings, some quick sketches, some detailed works, others assignments masquerading as frivolity. In this I hope to hone my skills as an inker and maybe stop hating inking as a chore in general. For FULL information on inktober, please click the graphic which will take you to mrjakeparker.com and the originator of the Inktober initiative.

In addition to Inktober, and as a way to school myself in the genre, I will ALSO be attempting my own challenge:


The rules are as follows

  • For every day in October, watch one horror movie.
  • Post about it on your blog or on my comments.
  • Tag it as #carpescream2015

And I leave the interpretation of “horror” to you all entirely. It can be a pyschological thriller, or a comedy or family feature. It can even be from a TV series, as long as it has a halloweeny feel to it. I did this last year and I had so much fun watching the movies (that I’d otherwise be too squeamish to watch) and picking up a better appreciation for the industry and the art of horror.

So get your playlists ready, and your pens uncapped.

October is going to be a wicked fun month!

~Monica Marier

Inktober 29


Nerdasaurus Rex by Monica Marier $20

Here’s today’s inktober. Tonight was Jack-o-lantern night, so I’ve been running around like crazy. It’s a quick sketch of a nerdy T-rex having an asthma attack. The short arm joke has been done to death, but this image popped into my head and made me giggle. Must be my asthma cutting off my air again. (heh) Laters!

Inktober 28


We’re in the home stretch! And right now I’m busy as hell working on Halloween costumes, so much so, that I could think of little else to draw today. This here is Pendleton Ward’s Fionna and Cake from Adventure Time. Which I usually love but right now I hate because needles and patterns. I particularly hate Cake right now, because I’m making a Cake doll with about 13 separate pieces. Also, I realized that she doesn’t look much like a cat because her character design has no whiskers!


Fionna & Cake by Monica Marier

That’s it for today! Back to the costume! *groan*

Inktober Day 27


A bit of nostalgia for today. Growing up, one of my favorite movies (and one of my brothers’ favorite movies) was The Goonies. It introduced me to my love of pirates, treasure hunts, and adventures (and Cyndi Lauper). So, with no further elaboration, here are the boys.


Goonies Never Say Die by Monica Marier 2014

I think this came out beyond my expectations. I think it helps that I can recall these guys’ faces almost from memory. I might end up making coloured prints of this. 🙂

Inktober Twofer Part 2


Yesterday I was out all day until well after midnight for RVACON so I couldn’t post my Inktober project. So I’m posting yesterday’s project with today’s. Both are kind of dark, because the venue was kind of dark, sorry.


John Constantine by Monica Marier

I was inspired by the premiere of “Constantine” on Friday night to draw my version of how John might look. I tried to make him look a bit withered and weathered, like some of the chainsmokers I know. It came out a bit “Helsing” in the end which surprised me. (heh)

Today’s sketch is courtesy of my daughter. She LOVES spooky things and vampires, and zombies, and Halloween, but I think she’s been overdoing it lately as she’s starting to get nightmares, specifically zombie nightmares (boy, is she MY kid or what?). I decided to make her a picture of the friendly zombie from Skeleton Crew, ZOMBOY, to make her feel better. He’s hanging over her bed tonight with her newly adjusted dream catcher. Fingers crossed everyone.


ZOMBOY (for Sophie), by Monica Marier